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The initial hype behind the iPhones global launch, created a great impact in the eyes of the consumer, all over the world. Even before the iPhone could come into existence, the newspapers and magazines would shout out and inform people to get ready to realize that a new sophisticated gadget is going to arrive in town. Bloggers were busy using their writing skills by talking about the iPhone. A big hype was indeed created by the media world. This hype created a sort of curiosity in the consumer mind, which brought a sense of longing ness, especially in the minds of young people. The impact created in the mind set of the consumer was so large that on the day of its launching into the market, people flocked in large numbers to their nearest mobile dealer in order to grab their new piece of the iPhone. There were people who slept over night on the streets, just to be sure that they are the ones to get their iPhone piece as soon as the shutters of the shopkeeper would open, in the morning. Such was the craze for acquiring the iPhone. Everyone wanted to feel proud of owning that iPhone. At that time, many people were already owning great mobile phones but to them, owning an iPhone was totally a different type of experience, all together.

Some of the good qualities seen in the iPhone are as follows:

1) The iPhone has a good display facility.

2) The design sense of the menu, incorporated in the iPhone is amazing.

3) You can comfortably zoom and also scroll up and down, effectively.

4) Visual voice mails seem to be very fast.

5) You can enjoy applications like Google maps and youTube on the iPhone.

6) The iPhone is rugged, although sleek in appearance.

7) The iPhone can be considered as an ipod cum mobile phone.

Consumers have appreciated the iPhone for its good features. But along with appreciations, there were also criticisms coming in from the users. In my opinion, the criticism was justified due to the following reasons:

1) There is no MMS support for sending picture mail.

2) The iPhone does not support a voice recording facility. There is also no voice dialing support. Using the combination of iPhone and handsfree car kit is also another issue, all together.

3) The iPhone does not allow the owner to swap the AT&T SIM card for one from another network. Also, you cannot even swap it out for another AT&T SIM card.

4) The iPhones headset jack is not compatible with normal headphones. You will have to use a special headphone adaptor.

5) The iPhone does not support for custom ringtones.

6) The iPhone has a camera with no audio/video facility or even no zoom capacity.

7) The iPhone does not support AOL instant messaging and yahoo and MSN IM clients, too.

8) The web browser seems to be working slow, including on WLAN. Also, it is not possible to highlight, cut, copy or paste a text from a website and saving images from a website.

9) At a time, you can only send one picture from your iPhone.

10) There is no existence of a document editor or native viewer. Documents cannot be stored on the iPhone, in order to view it. They can only be viewed as attachments when they are sent to you in an email.

11) There are no games facility and no MMS too.

The iPhone seems to be aimed at the general consumer who has the money to spend on such a flashy device, but since there are so many important features missing, in the iPhone, it cannot be claimed as the topmost mobile device of the world. A lot of people will continue to buy the iPhone but there will be a particular section of people familiar with other operating system will not find the iPhone so impressive.

Despite some of its flaw, the iPhone has already bagged great reviews and in my opinion, the iPhone can be considered as the best. But one must also keep in mind that there are also other mobile players in the market who are waiting to provide tough competition to iPhone. Yes, it is estimated that in the year 2008 onwards, the world will see new competitors who will enter the market with their new version of sophisticated mobile phone. At that time, the consumer will get the opportunity to check and value the market standing of the iPhone.