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All about the iPhone

The initial hype behind the iPhones global launch, created a great impact in the eyes of the consumer, all over the world. Even before the iPhone could come into existence, the newspapers and magazines would shout out and inform people to get ready to realize that a new sophisticated gadget is going to arrive in town. Bloggers were busy using their writing skills by talking about the iPhone. A big hype was indeed created by the media world. This hype created a sort of curiosity in the consumer mind, which brought a sense of longing ness, especially in the minds of young people. The impact created in the mind set of the consumer was so large that on the day of its launching into the market, people flocked in large numbers to their nearest mobile dealer in order to grab their new piece of the iPhone. There were people who slept over night on the streets, just to be sure that they are the ones to get their iPhone piece as soon as the shutters of the shopkeeper would open, in the morning. Such was the craze for acquiring the iPhone. Everyone wanted to feel proud of owning that iPhone. At that time, many people were already owning great mobile phones but to them, owning an iPhone was totally a different type of experience, all together.

A very big month for the iPod indeed…

To say that the September was a huge month for Apple would be an understatement. With the debut of three new iPods, September was a landmark in Apple’s history. September 5 saw the launch of the iPod Nano, Classic and Touch. The new, improving and WiFi enabled iTunes was released and a partnership with Starbucks was announced.

The short but amazing rise of the iPhone

By Donny Joseph

Ipod Vs Zune

A blip on the radar, or a threat on the horizon?

1 Million Phones in 74 Days

Just 74 days after releasing the iPhone, Apple has sold its millionth iPhone. But will Apple hit the dizzying heights of 10 million by the end of 2008 as foretold by the Mr Steve Jobs? A million iPhones in 74 days is very impressive. That works out at a little over 13,500 a day or 560 an hour. Quite literally the iPhone has been flying off the shelves. In comparison it has taken the iPod two years to hit the same milestone.

SNAPPLE: September news review for the iPhone and the iPod

September has been a big month for the humble iPhone. Apple has weathered a storm of hacks and reactions to the unpopular price drop. Innovations, applications, ringtones and plans for European release – September’s been a very busy month for a very busy Steve Jobs and Apple team.