What is the iPhone?

The iPhone is Apple’s newest technological innovation and its first step into the world of telecommunications. The Apple iPhone is a mobile phone, digital camera, iPod and internet browsing super gadget.

The iPhone has all the features of an excellent mobile phone, including visual voicemail and SMS message conversations. A 2.0 megapixel camera is attached to the back of the iPhone and takes clear, detailed still photographs. You can view your photos in the gallery application, send them in emails, or sync them with the galleries on your PC. The iPhone has a fifth-generation iPod which allows you to listen to your favourite music tracks and watch videos and movies.

The most exciting feature of the iPhone is its internet functionality. You can surf the net with WIFI connectivity, send and receive emails through a variety of iPhone and web-based applications. Through exclusive agreements between Apple and Google, iPhone users have access to Google Maps and Quicktime YouTube video clips.

The iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen utilises finger-touch technology, eliminating the need for styluses or clip-on keyboards. You can use every application on the iPhone with the tip of your finger. The intelligent virtual keyboard predicts the words that will be typed and automatically corrects typing mistakes. iPhones are available in 4 or 8 gigabyte models and updates through iTunes.

There is no doubt that Apple has revolutionised how we view the mobile phone. We can look forward to more exciting and dynamic innovations in telecommunications now that Apple has paved the way.

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