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New Christian Music Company Launched with Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

(PRWEB) August 28, 2007 -- R & R Finance arranges unsecured business lines of credit for Damascus Records with no collateral, allowing them to launch an online Christian music label.

"As a parent, I hate saying 'no' to my child when it comes to the types of websites he can visit. I don't want to be uncool but the truth is there is so much material and so many online communities that I wouldn't look at, so how can I let my child run free through there?" states Jennifer Hooper, President of Damascus Records.

Damascus Records is an online community that provides access to unsigned Christian bands to the youth groups, Christian high schools and colleges.

"I wanted to provide a solution for those people who want 'community" but without the assault on the senses and Christian morals that some of the other popular online communities seems to thrive on."

"To create a community I would have to get the members involved so that is why all musical styles will be chosen by the students. To broaden participation we are accepting internships to act as in-house A&Rs as well as handling of the day to day operations that go along with running a music label."

After receiving support for the concept Hooper started looking for financing for the project. While several banks liked the concept they would not offer her a loan for a new venture.

Hooper turned to other financing avenues specifically unsecured business lines of credit.

Unsecured business lines of credit can help small companies and start ups with access to funds for expansion while protecting the personal assets of the business owner.

Keith Hunt Executive Vice President of R and R Finance states, "Small businesses fail or never get off the ground for many reasons but one of the biggest is the lack of financing."

R and R Finance, based in Southern California specializes in arranging small business start up loans by way of unsecured business lines of credit from $300,000 up to $5 million for small and start up companies nationwide including Jennifer Hooper's Damascus Records.

"Unsecured business lines of credit were the answer to launching Jennifer's online community. Within six months we obtained $300,000 in credit lines that offered her access to funds for website development and marketing expenses. The credit lines even provided funds to meet payroll during the early stages of the project."

"One of the biggest benefits to Jennifer is the unsecured business lines of credit does not effect her personal credit," concludes Hunt.

Hooper, who anticipates a full website launch in the very near future, concludes, "The unsecured business lines of credit gave me so much flexibility and allowed me to concentrate on building the online community correctly and not worry about cutting corners and this will reflect in our final product."

Jennifer Hooper of Damascus Records may also be reached through Keith Hunt.

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This article was updated 10/12/07.