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5 Apple Iphones Auctioned off for $35 or Less at

Dallas, TX; August 27, 2007 - As's first summer comes to close it is safe to say that no other website has auctioned off as many great items for as low of a price as they have.Iphones, Nintendo Wii's, Ipods and a dream vacation have all been won for less than $35 this summer at is a Lowest Unique Bid Auction site where the lowest bid "unique" bid wins as opposed to the item going to the highest bidder.The idea is simple, bid lower than everyone else and as long as no one makes the same bid you win.

Winning a Lowest Unique Bid Auction takes a little bit of strategy combined with a little bit of luck.It took Jamie B. just 2 weeks to find her strategy, "I had been getting frustrated after not winning any items for a couple of weeks after signing up, but then I won the $100 gift card for $3.03. It definitely changed my tune."

It is now easier to win than it ever has been, with the DVD-A-DAY auctions, and the Amazon Gift Cards that are regularly auctioned off.There are currently 8 different items to bid on with members able to use all their bids on one item or spread them out trying to win several items.

Now that it is back to school time, look for auctions on laptops and other items to use back on will also be out at college campuses getting feedback and having giveaways to find out what members want all throughout fall.

The website now has a members forum where members can exchange item ideas, strategies or just talk about how much fun they are having on the site.There are always new things happening on the site.

In order to bid on all the featured items at one must register with the website.There is a 2-day free trial and then there are two different packages to choose from.Fifteen dollars a month gives you 25 bids a day and $25.00 a month gives you 50 bids a day.Members can receive 10 extra bids a day for every member that they refer.

Sean B. has this to say about, "It's honestly ridiculous that you can win one DVD auction and have basically broken even on your subscription fees for the month. The site just continues to get more impressive everyday."

This type of site is a new concept and once people are figuring it out it has become very popular.The co-owner of the site Chris Evans sums it up, "This is the new revolution in online auctions," said Evans. "The possibilities are endless, as we get bigger so will the prizes!"


This article was updated 10/12/07.